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Why should you get a couples massage? One reason is that it’s not just for couples. Here at Zen IS In The Name, we have done couples massage for close friends, those with anxiety who need another person in the room, parents, and their children.

Imagine you have an underage child whose athletic yet underage. Massage therapists require consent from their guardian and for the parent to be in the room, so why not benefit from that time by getting a massage yourself?

Or say you have high anxiety and often have trouble being alone with a stranger. We completely understand. What better way to thank your safety person than for them also to get a massage?

Your best friend is celebrating something big, and you want to do more than take them out for drinks, massage is the way to go.

Suppose you genuinely want a couples massage for your significant other. In that case, the benefits to your relationship are greater intimacy, increased affection, and quality time together while reducing stress and anxiety for both of you at the same time.

Not sure if you would want to get a massage in the same room as someone else; no worries, both massage therapists will arrive, and we can do each of your massages in separate rooms.

The other alternative is back to back to massage. One massage therapist works on both you and your plus one after the other.

Whichever you choose, just let us know when you text 480-359-7452 to book your massage.

Share some Zen

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