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Even before the COVID pandemic here at Zen IS IN The Name, we have had strict procedures to reduce contamination of viruses, bacteria, and other potentially harmful microorganisms. Before all sessions, sheets, blankets, and face cradle covers are washed in hot water with bleach and dried at the highest setting possible. No different scents or potential allergens are added to reduce irritation to sensitive skin. Once the linens are fully dry, they are immediately folded on a clean surface then placed in vacuum-sealed bags in sets with a blanket and a face cradle cover. Each vacuum-sealed bag has only one set of linens. A set is never used without being washed first.

 All containers are washed in hot soapy water with dawn soap and then soaked in Citrus II, an EPA-Registered effective Bactericide, Virucide, Fungicide, and Mildewstat. Once air-dried, the containers are individually filled by hand with washed, gloved hands. Each container is only used with one client before being cleaned and sanitized again. Cupping tools are cleaned and sanitized in the same way. All tables are sprayed with Citrus II, and our theragun is wiped down with antibiotic wipes.

 After every massage, all tables, face cradles, bolsters, and other tools are wiped down with antiseptic wipes before being stored. Used linens are placed in a separate bag designated for dirty linens.

Hand washing before and after every massage has always been a practice here.

We have taken up wearing masks with the onslaught of the COVID virus unless clients clearly state they prefer we not wear them.

We do not believe in working if we feel unwell. If we are feeling unwell, we will cancel any appointments until we feel well again. We have also taken up the practice of tracking any symptoms similar to COVID symptoms and our temperatures to prevent even accidental exposure to our clients. We also stay on top of all new information about the virus as well as other infectious microorganisms.

We have a first aid kit with us, and we all have first aid and CPR certification. We also keep gloves with us, and if we feel we are at risk of being exposed to any infectious condition, we may choose to either a. use gloves during the massage or b. refuse service.

For our safety, we communicate with each other all appointments and locations of such. We recommend that you, the client do the same for yourself by having an emergency contact who knows when you are getting an appointment, whether it be with us or any other in-home service provider. If we do not hear from each other within a designated amount of time after a session, we immediately call authorities to check up on the therapist performing the service. If we feel that our safety is at risk, we uphold the right to end the session and leave immediately, calling our fellow therapist and authorities if we think necessary. Any sexual solicitation is approached with a no-tolerance attitude and will be reported to authorities. We are part of several professional massage networking groups and associations, and we will not hesitate to warn other therapists of any clients who solicit us for the sake of protecting those therapists.

At all times, we have our phones on or near us. Cameras or recording of any kind will never be used without express permission from the client to promote Zen Is IN The Name. Pictures, videos, or audio used for promotional uses will never reveal the client’s identity or location.

If you wish to know more about our cleaning, sanitation, and safety procedures, please email

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