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60 Minute Massage $80
90 Minute Massage $120
120 Minute Massage $160


Focused Scalp| Hand| Foot Massage (Adds 15 minutes to massage) $15

Assisted Stretching (Adds 15 minutes to massage) $15

*Most Popular* Aromatherapy (Choose from over a dozen essential oils) $10

Percussive Therapy (Theragun) $10

Cupping $10

CBD $10


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Here's What My Clients Think

I believe in you taking care of you. I listen to your needs and aim to customize every massage to help you accomplish your goals. Following are just a few of the wonderful things people have said about my services.

Meet Kathryn

Educated at the Arizona School Of Massage Therapy in 2007, I opened my business in 2019 so that I can use all my skills without limitation to help my clients achieve their goal of living their best lives!

Want to know more about massage therapy?

Since 2007 I have worked as a massage therapist for day spas, franchises, chiropractic offices and medical offices. In that time I trained under a physical therapist to be an exercise therapist and received certification as a chiropractic assistant. Following are articles about massage therapy, as well as the things I have experienced and learned.

Massage information

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Rehabilitative Care

You’ve recently undergone surgery for treatment for an injury or medical condition. Now you’re currently going through rehabilitation for that same issue. Your doctor tells you that you should be getting massages. If you’re lucky, the rehabilitation center you’re going …

Enhancements Muscle Pain Products self care Self help Hand holding a therapeutic percussive massage gun. By lashkhidzetim

The Complete Guide to Percussive Therapy and Massage

When I’m first talking to a client, I start with basic questions. What is their name? How did they find out about my business? What are their goals for the massage?  As we get further into the conversation, I let …