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Bon Vital is my favorite brand when it comes to massage mediums. Massage cream is my personal preference as it is thick and absorbs into the skin better than most oils.

—>>Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme<<—

Natural Ingredients

This creme is paraben-free and only uses natural preservatives. It is made entirely with plant and seed-based oils and is infused with botanical extracts. Vitamins A and B5 (Panthenol) help to soften and the skin adds nutrients to the skin. It has no nut oils and is unscented, making it hypoallergenic.

Water dispersible

This thick, silky creme creates the perfect glide for all manual techniques while being water-dispersible makes it great for hot stones. This creme does not stain fabric and can easily be rinsed off the skin and most materials.

Features and Specifications

  • Smooth and luxurious hypoallergenic crème.
  • Combines the features of an oil and lotion.
  • Restores, moisturizes, and soothes skin.
  • Thick texture and easy absorption
  • The ultimate in versatility and workability
  • No greasy feel
  • Marula, Olive, Avocado, and Jojoba Oils provide intense hydration and restorative skin nutrient benefits
  • Vitamin E and other antioxidants leave skin smooth, soft, and healthy.
  • Arnica, Horse Chestnut, and Ivy Extracts calm inflamed skin.
  • Ideal for all massage modalities.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unscented
  • Paraben free
  • Nut-oil free
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to wash out
  • Cruelty-free

—>>Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme<<—

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this review, this creme has 429 global ratings and 128 global reviews with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Not all therapists feel this creme lasts during a massage and it absorbs too quickly into the skin:

I really like the fact that it is a hypoallergenic formula, however, for me it’s too thin. I prefer much thicker creams as they work well with the type of work I typically do and that I don’t have to use as much product with thicker formulas. I’ve never had someone react to the typical thick cream that I use so unless that is a big issue for you, stick to your usual massage cream. This formula is very soft, about the consistency of a thicker lotion, is very slippery, but doesn’t have much grab to it (which I need). It absorbs into the skin quite a bit faster than the other standard “Dual Purpose Massage Cream” (you know the one….). I’ll happily use the refillable tube, but I’ll be filling it with my standard go-to cream. One good thing is that this stuff makes an excellent moisturizing balm for week old healing tattoos, so it’s got that going for it!


However, most massage therapists and clients have great things to say about this creme:

This is a great massage cream. It’s nice and thick but not sticky. My massage therapist recommended I try it to give myself a foot massage, and I love it! It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and helps my cracked heels. I ordered another tube because one of my daughters stole the first – I think that shows how much our family loves this stuff.

Kathy Miller

I do massage with therapeutic grade essential oils. After applying the oils, I add the the Bon Vital creme, and it provides and excellent lubrication without being slimy, and it absorbs very well and quickly. I rarely need to do a second application of the creme, it provides adequate lubrication for the amount of time needed to work over the area of concern. EXCELLENT product, I will be purchasing again!

Julia K. Dollahite

As a massaage therapist and as someone who receives massage I have tried many different oils, lotions, and cremes. BY far this one is the best and I owuld recomend it to anyone!

—>>Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme<<—

Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme

This thick, natural creme helps to moisturize the skin while being water-dispersible and hypoallergnic makes this creme highly versatile. Which this is why I use this creme in every massage and recomend it to all clients for personal use.

If any questions about Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme leave them in the comments!

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