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Are you stressed? Tense? Does your body feel like it has been hit by a train? If so, massage therapy is for you! It might seem weird to get a massage when in pain, but getting one can make you feel better. 

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Continue reading to learn why you should get a massage. 

What is massage

Massage therapy is an alternative medicine practice that uses different techniques to manipulate the soft tissues in the body. It can improve flexibility, muscle tone, and range of motion. It can also reduce pain by increasing blood flow.

Some of the different types of massage are Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, and shiatsu. Each type of massage is unique. For example, some focus on one area while others cover larger areas.

What kind of massage should you get?

The massage you receive will depend on the practitioner’s experience and which modality they prefer to use. If you are tense, you might want someone who uses deep tissue massages. If your muscles are tight or you have an injury that needs extra attention, go for a sports massage instead. While some people say that you need to be sore to be relaxed—not true! A Swedish or relaxation massage will still relax your muscles.

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In many cases, a Swedish massage will benefit you much more than a deep tissue massage will. For example, when your muscles are very tender, they may resist the work done while receiving a deep tissue massage. This can lead to a greater risk of injury. To avoid this, Swedish massage works with the muscle fibers to calm them, letting go of any tension.

A massage will work even when your muscles have not been damaged or injured in any way. You may want deep tissue massage if you have a lot of scar tissue in your body or your muscles experience overuse. This is because the massage will attempt to break up scar tissue and loosen overused muscles. It might also be beneficial if you are an athlete or do a lot of heavy lifting.

Lymphatic drainage massage may help you recover from something like surgery or chemotherapy treatments. Some people experience pain after these treatments. Your body’s lymphatic system plays a role in removing toxins and waste products that accumulate during cancer treatment. Lymphatic drainage massage can help your body remove these toxins even more quickly, reducing the chance that they will build up again.

Benefits of massage

A few benefits can include:

• Reduce everyday workplace stress

• Improve your health, wellness, and work-life balance through massage therapy

• Get an objective perspective on how to handle stressful situations

• Increase productivity at the office by providing lower back, neck, and shoulder massages

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Keep reading for even more benefits.

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, improve mood, eliminate chronic pain, encourage weight loss and maintain healthy skin. It also stimulates the immune system.

Some people have even reported a reduction in stress, improvement in sleep quality, and more significant movement.

With relaxation massage, you may feel warm due to the increased blood flow. Some people also note feeling relaxed and sleepy after treatment. The massage therapist will work along with your muscles, tendons, joints, and other tissues that are being massaged. Some areas of your body may be sore or tender for up to 72 hours after the massage when receiving deep work.

Conditions massage can help with

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome associated with chronic muscle pain and stiffness in addition to sleep problems and fatigue. Massage therapy has been shown to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms in many cases.

Some people have used massage therapy to ease the side effects of cancer-related treatments. The evidence for this is inconclusive. Some examples of cancer treatments that massage might help with are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Massage is effective in reducing depression symptoms in some cases, according to one study. The research could not prove why it works or how it could further benefit another person with the illness.    

People who have tried massage state that there are other benefits they experienced other than what was studied, such as stress relief, relaxation, better sleep quality, improved digestion, pain reduction, or increased circulation/ blood flow.        

Considerations before a massage

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You should not get a massage if you have any of these conditions: Skin infections, Bone fractures, Cuts, Contagious skin conditions, or you are currently sick. 

You should be cautious about receiving a massage if you take medication for chronic pain, heart conditions, cancer, blood thinners. 

Always inform your massage therapist about any medicines or health conditions you have, as these can impact the quality and effects of your massage.

If you have any questions or concerns, speak to your massage therapist, and they will be able to help you determine whether or a massage is the proper treatment for you.

After the massage

After the massage is over, the person giving the massage usually offers to provide you with some instructions on how to take care of yourself and what activities to avoid to stay healthy. Many people feel fine after the massage itself and resume their normal activities right away unless their therapist tells them not to do so. People who get massages regularly may be required to meet with the therapist periodically throughout the year.        

The benefits of receiving a massage can last anywhere from several hours up until several days, depending on your consistent self-care as well as how often you receive a massage. Those who lead healthy lifestyles will notice the benefits last much longer.

So many reasons to book a massage!

There are many reasons you should consider getting a massage. Massage can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and strengthen immunity, to name just a few of the benefits of massages.

If you’re feeling too stressed or need some relief from your hectic day-to-day life, book an appointment for yourself now by texting 480-359-7452!

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  1. I appreciate that you mentioned that a good massage could help increase my productivity in the office since it will get rid of my stress and chronic body ache. The chair in my office is broken, so I have severe back pain because of it. I’ll try to get a massage this weekend to alleviate my pain.

    1. I’m glad I could help you see why a massage is vital to your productivity. You should get that chair fixed right away, or get a new one. I hope you’re able to get some relief from the pain!

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