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My table set up in the office of a client after he finished his work for the day as a CEO

Since 2019 I have served my massage clients in the second room in my home.

While this has been convenient for me, and on some levels, suitable for my clients who don’t like to go to a traditional brick and mortar massage studio or spa, it has also been inconvenient. Between my small condo being challenging to find for newcomers, the concerns people have expressed regarding their safety, and my having two cats, there have been some significant pitfalls to massage in my home. I have lost 20-30% of potential clients due to my choice to work from my house. One woman was even willing to pay for an Uber so I could come to her; that Uber would have cost her more than double what the session would have. I turned down the offer explaining that I did not feel comfortable with her spending so much money when she could find another therapist.

All this changed in July when I got a car. You see, up until then, I had been relying on my bike and rides from other people to get around. Not exactly conducive for running a mobile massage business. Soon after that, I started buying the supplies I needed to hit the road. In September, I announced to my current clients through email that mobile massage was now an option.

This month, due to some significant life changes, I have decided to fully convert to mobile massage and get rid of my in-home office entirely.

Why you would want a mobile massage

Imagine this, you’re at home and feel like getting a massage, but you really don’t feel like changing out of your PJs and driving 15  minutes in traffic, but you do anyway. You get to a massage studio or spa, only to have to wait for your therapist in the lobby. During this time, the front desk person either ignores you or tries to make awkward small talk. When the therapist finally comes in and introduces themselves, their smile is customer service-based and looks tired. You get into the room where you go through the typical consultation, and you’re asked to dress down and lie down on the table as they step out. You quickly notice the room is too cold or too hot. If it’s too cold, all the massage therapist can do is turn on the table’s heating pad or give you an extra blanket; if it’s too hot, they offer to switch out the blanket for a towel. Several smells may alr4eady be in the room or building some good, some not so much. The music may or may not be to your liking, which doesn’t matter because it can’t be changed. Once the massage is over, you are lead to the lobby, where you are subjected to a barrage of upsells for a monthly membership. You then have to drive 15 minutes back home in traffic while still covered in lotion or oil.

Whew! It sounds like a lot of effort for a minimal reward!

In my in-home office, I did my best to change the environment as much as possible. However, even then, I knew it wasn’t always perfect for them.

With mobile massage, I come to your home, office, or location of your choice where you control the environament entirely! You get to:

  • Have the thermostat at your preferred temperature
  • Talk about whatever you’re comfortable talking about, or don’t talk at all, that’s your choice!
  • Have people and pets nearby
  • Stay dressed in your PJs
  • After the session, hop into the shower or run a nice hot bath for yourself
  • Go straight to bed or binge Netflix all night; it’s your place, you do you, Boo
  • Control the scents in the environment
  • Choose whatever music you want. You like to get a massage while listening to electronic music, metal, or classic rock instead of traditional classical music, new age music, or nature sounds? OK, whatever helps you to relax!

Why would I want to do mobile massage as an LMT?

  • Less overhead. While working from my home meant I didn’t have to pay a second rent, it did mean I had higher utility bills.
  • I also have less stress because my professional life is now completely separate from my personal space.
  • Less physical work. I don’t have to worry about keeping the place completely sterile at all times, the effort of which has doubled due to COVID, which is a lot more work than you may think.
  • My cats are much more relaxed now that I don’t have people coming and going.
  • I don’t have to worry about whether a new neighbor will chase away a client with not so great behavior.
  • Clients are much more relaxed in their own homes. They offer water, snacks, introduce me to their pets, etc. I feel like more than a service provider; I feel like a guest.
  • I love being in my car and driving. Few things feel better to me than rushing down the highway with my tunes blaring singing at the top of my lungs, especially after a great session!

So now that you know how great a mobile massage is for everybody involved, isn’t it time for you to book a massage for the person who deserves it most, you?

Book your mobile massage today by texting or calling 480-359-7452

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